Margie Leopold Winner at Lethbridge Dog Show

About Margie Leopold

Owner, Breeder, Trainer and Handler of the Kuvuk Siberians.

About myself – Margie Leopold

I have had dogs all my life starting out with pets as young girl. The Siberian Husky breed has been my favourite breed since I had two Siberians while growing up as a child.

In 1987 I was introduced to dog grooming.

I own and operate Pretty PoochPaws N' Spa in Cranbrook, BC. Pretty Pooch is a grooming salon, and retail store.

While advancing in dog grooming skills, I was introduced to dog shows. My first show/breeding dogs were Shetland sheep dogs. Then I had English pointers.

In 2003 I purchased my first Siberian Husky show dog female. The Siberian husky puppy I purchased was able to complete her Canadian Championship very easily, unfortunately I was never able to breed her but she was great learning experience.

I started to do much research to find out what type of Siberian I needed.

I wanted a dog that would become the foundation of my breeding program. My strict criteria lead me to a Siberian that had a good pedigree history, typically good health and excellent temperament. After much searching I found her. Cheerio (Playmor's A Thousand Cheers) came into my life (from Plymor’s Siberian Breeding Kennel). Not long after obtaining Cheerio, I purchased Bliss (Playmor’s Take Me Away).

These two exceptional Siberian Husky dogs, Cheerio and Bliss are my foundation at Kuvuk Kennels.