Winners in many National and Internatial breed shows

About Kuvuk Siberian Husky Kennels

Many of our dogs have earned their

Canadian Champion and/or American Champion Awards.

Our puppies have also won high standards in their classes at shows.

Breeding Traits

We are proud of our dogs at Kuvuk Siberian Breeding Kennels because they are all breed for structure, health and temperament.

“Our dogs are a delight to be with.” said Margie Leopold the owner of Kuvuk Siberian and the dogs breeder, trainer and handler.

Physical Structure

Siberian huskies are a working breed. Their physical structure, sturdy build, musculature are all important. Without excellent physical structure they would not be able to run long distances pulling a sled.


There are few well-known health issues in the Siberian breed. Veterinary professionals examine all our dogs at specific ages and again before breeding to determine that they are free of any of those inheritances and negative features. We certify that our dogs meet or exceed the breed standard for health issues.